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Created: Nov 2019. Updated: May 2020

About this site

I am a new user of, and other than that I have no relation or affiliation with this service. This page has been made using the screenshots I captured when I was setting up account for our own testing purposes.

Why I created this site

Typically, I capture screenshots for using in my blog posts or short How To Guides for (mostly Internal) others to use. While setting up the account on, the number of screenshots went up to nearly 50. This made me wonder- why not create a short screenshot tour?

How I created this site

Screenshots captured on a Macbook Pro using Firefox browser. Slideshow was created using using Keynote on Mac. Webpage created using Brizy.

This page has several images. You can click on any of them to enlarge and view them in "lightbox" mode.


It began with Message on a Facebook Group

How I learnt about

I am a member of the Martech Wise Group on facebook. In November, one of the administrators of that group posted about a new SAAS (Software As a Service) site called, which offered tools to create a static website as well as a CDN. It followed the Freemium model, and one could connect upto 10 domains in the free tier (update May 2020: the limit is 5 domains).

Signing Up and Creating The Account

Signing up

Naturally curious, I visited the site, liked what I saw, and signed up. is created by cofounders of Mediafire, . Mediafire is a cloud based file sharing and storage service. You can watch the interview of Tom Langridge, the founder of Mediafire and, on Producthunt.

Connect to a Storage

Not necessary to create a new storage account! Supported Providers include Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, MediaFire, and Github.

Choosing a name

Choose a name you can live with!

Selecting name for CDN

If you choose not to add a custom domain later, no big deal.

Here's the (Not yet finished) result

There's lots more to do - uploading files, adding custom domain, etc.

Account Settings

Some features are for paid (premium) subscribers- in my testing, I used the free account.

More settings to play with

Make sure you do not delete the site.. unless you have to.

Uploading the content

You upload the content on google drive (or any other connected drive, and folder will get sync'd)

DNS has two options

Use the pre-defined settings from cloudflare, or change the A and CName records yourself

Adding a Custom Domain (Continued)

You can also choose your own DNS and configure the A records and CNAME

Site is connected

Connecting your Domain

That did not take too long!

Image Gallery

These images were taken in May 2020

Hitting the brakes

Just when you thought all was well

A slight hiccup. You didn't load the index file, did you?

I made this mistake so that you don't

Watch Video -Screenshot Tour

I compiled the screenshots taken for this post into a video.

Barebones but proud

If you are seeing this colorful page, it is thanks to this

test page on the right.

Coming soon...

Audio version of this page.

I found that this page is loading quite slow, therefore I might load the images from a different CDN.. maybe itself!

Here is a test image that is served form their CDN.

screenshot of page used in blog by Amar Vyas

This post was created by Amar Vyas and used in website. (C) Amar Vyas 2019-Present